Probation Office

Probation Department Mission Statement

The Mission of Community Corrections in Edgar County is to create a system of community justice that promotes a safer community by:

  • Providing offenders with appropriate supervision and immediate sactions and incentive to enhance public safety.
  • Holding offenders accountable for their actions by requiring adherence to court orders and facilitating victim reparation.
  • Creating the opportunity and environment for offenders to change their values and beliefs through provision of approptiate competency development resources.
  • Establishing partnerships in the community that enhance education and crime prevention initiatives, support victim rights, and that heighten the awareness and involvement of victims and the community in the task of Community Corrections.

Probation Staff

  • Monty Smith - Supervisor
  • Judith Craig - Probation Officer
  • Susan Williamson - Probation Officer
  • Jarod Corbin - Probation Officer
  • Alexandra Miller - Office Manager

Probation Department Address:

115 West Court St.
Room P
Paris, Illinois


  • Telephone: 217-466-7466
  • Fax: 217-466-7464


Monday-Friday,  8:00am-4:00pm